Feb. 28, 2021

S5E12: International Drug Smuggler, The Capture and His Redemption.

S5E12: International Drug Smuggler, The Capture and His Redemption.

Ed Hudson is our guest. He is a retired law enforcement agent  from the F.D.L.E. Ed talks about the years long investigation, that started when he was a small town police officer, and successful prosecution of an international drug smuggler. Ed discusses his career starting from a small town Police Officer, then transitioning to the Sheriff’s Department, before going to the F.D.L.E. They became friends and he wrote a book about the incredible investigation, their friendship and how the smuggler changed his life and made amends for his past deeds.

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John J Wiley

Retired Police Sergeant, Music Radio Personality, Talk Radio Show Host, Podcaster and Producer

John J. Wiley is a retired Police Sergeant turned radio personality. He has been a full time FM Music Radio DJ since 2005. In 2017 he founded the Law Enforcement Today Podcast, with the assistance of Robert Greenberg. Within a couple months a radio station heard an episode of the podcast and asked him to create a radio version, which he did. It has been syndicated since the Spring of 2017 and has numerous affiliate radio stations across the US.