Want to be a guest on the Law Enforcement Today Radio Show and Podcast? We are always looking for guests with a story to tell.

Unlike a 2 minute television interview, or 5 minute radio interview, this is a 40 minute personal story interview. We do have guests that appear for a shorter length, however the majority opt for the full 40 minutes.

Subject Matter experts are welcome, as long as they have a personal story to share, I'd be happy to explain later. Here is the standard reply.

The Law Enforcement Today show is a syndicated radio show, that started as a podcast only in 2017, currently with 95 affiliate stations, broadcasting to 29 million + combined population, we expect to announce more stations very soon.

After airing on radio episodes go online as a podcast. It is a personal experience show, and the format is very important. The format is crime and, or, trauma stories from those that have been there. You can listen to past episodes to get a feel for the format as a podcast here on our website.It is a 40 minute recorded phone interview, the last two minutes are left for promoting books, websites, services, podcasts etc. 

Call me to discuss, (561) 596-9337, weekday afternoons are best for me.



John Jay Wiley

Law Enforcement Today Radio Show Host and Producer.

(561) 596-9337