The nationally syndicated Law Enforcement Today Radio Show now has 95 affiliate radio stations broadcasting the show once a week to a combined total population of more than 29 million people. We hope to announce our next stations very soon and we have a huge promotion planned for our 100th affiliate station.

The once a week show is syndicated by Talk Media Network You can click here to find the show page on Talk Media Network's website.

Talk Media Network

The show does for radio what the Investigation and True Crime shows do for television.

The Law Enforcement Today Radio Show and Podcast started as a podcast only in 2017. Within a couple of months, a terrestrial radio station in NY State contacted us about creating a radio version, which we did. We then self syndicated to our first 13 stations and now are syndicated by Talk Media Network. The show is available on XDS Satellite and internet delivery is also available for radio stations.

Episodes air on radio about 2 weeks before being published as a podcast. The podcast version of the show always has been and always will be free.

The once a week show is a great fit for off peak programming time slots. If you are interested in adding the show to your radio station, or a radio station near you send an email to or go to the Contact page.