Law Enforcement Today: Crime and Trauma stories from those that have been there. It is a True Crime Show, a Law Enforcement Officer Show and a Human Interest show all in one. Get a glimpse of life behind the badge, investigations of true crimes, violence they encounter and experience. Law enforcement officers, first responders, military veterans, victims of crime and their families tell their stories of the trauma they experienced mostly regarding True Crime incidents. They also talk about how they built their new lives they wanted afterwards. While many people think the show is about Law Enforcement Training, or Law Enforcement specific topis, it is not, think of True Crime Podcasts with a twist. 

The bi-weekly podcast version of the syndicated Law Enforcement Today Radio Show, with numerous affiliate US Radio Stations, broadcasting once a week to millions of people.  The show host,  John "Jay" Wiley, is a radio DJ and Retired Baltimore Police Sergeant.

Interested in being a guest, sponsorship or advertising opportunities send an email to the host and producer of the show jay@lawenforcementtoday.com, or go to the Contact Page.

The show started as a podcast only in March of 2017. The show partnered with www.LawEnforcementToday.com and was posting episodes of the podcast on their Facebook page. A radio station in upstate NY heard an episode and contacted me about the possibility of creating a radio version, which I did. The show was self syndicated to radio for the first 13 stations and is now syndicated nationally by Talk Media Network.  We currently have 94 affiliate radio stations across the US and broadcast weekly to more than 29 million combined population. We are adding more stations frequently, and look forward to announcing our newest affiliate radio stations soon.

Episodes are converted to a podcast about 2 weeks after airing on radio and can be heard here, or at most major podcast platforms.

Background song Hurricane used by permission from the band Dark Horse Flyer, get more information about them and their music on their website.

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