Feb. 16, 2019

S3E14: Police Use Of Force Misconceptions and Lack Of Training

S3E14: Police Use Of Force Misconceptions and Lack Of Training

Tony Blauer from Blauer Tactical Systems is our guest. Tony is an expert in hand to hand combat, self defense and the martial arts. He teaches his SPEAR system self defense and hand to hand combat to Military, Law Enforcement and civilian groups. Tony talks about popular misconceptions about law enforcement use of force, from handcuffing to subduing resisting suspects. Plus, the amazing lack of sufficient self defense training for Law Enforcement Officers across the Country.

Theme song Hurricane is used with permission from the band Dark Horse Flyer.



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John J Wiley

Retired Police Sergeant, Music Radio Personality, Talk Radio Show Host, Podcaster and Producer

John J. Wiley is a retired Police Sergeant turned radio personality. He has been a full time FM Music Radio DJ since 2005. In 2017 he founded the Law Enforcement Today Podcast, with the assistance of Robert Greenberg. Within a couple months a radio station heard an episode of the podcast and asked him to create a radio version, which he did. It has been syndicated since the Spring of 2017 and has numerous affiliate radio stations across the US.