Nov. 26, 2022

As a Cop I've lied many times... You're welcome. 2022.

Originally posted on The Law Enforcement Today Radio Show Facebook Page.

As a Police Officer and Sergeant with the Baltimore Police Department, I have lied many times. No, it probably isn't what you think!

And, it is something that Cops, Firefighters, Paramedics, Corrections, Military, and other first responders do every day.

The lies weren't told in court, or some type of corruption or other nefarious reasons.

They were lies that we told to people that were dying. Trying in vain to get them to hang on for a few more minutes.

I've lost count of how many young men and women took their last breaths in front of me. They were often shot and died unceremoniously in the trash-filled streets of Baltimore.

"Hang in there, you are going to be fine, you're going to make it." Those were the lies that I told to those that I knew probably weren't going to make it.

Think it's easy? "It's not."
Think it doesn't bother us? "It did, and still does."
Is it easier if the death was caused by an accident, instead of an act of violence? "No, for me it was not."

There are no words to describe the look on someone's face when they are trying desperately to breathe, and can't.

There are no words to describe the smells or the sounds of the crowds in the background.

Far too often the last thing that a person that was dying in the streets of Baltimore saw was the face of a Baltimore Police Officer. And quite often that officer, like me was lying to them trying to convince them to stay a few minutes longer.

This doesn't just happen in Baltimore, it happens 24 -7, 365, all across the US.

I'm not talking about the countless people that were already dead, regardless if it were violence, suicide, accident, overdose or unexpected death by natural causes. Especially those that were murdered and discarded like they were trash. That is a conversation for a different day.

I can't see their faces anymore, they are a blur. I don't recall their names anymore, there were far too many. But, a few do pop into and invade my memory from time to time, and it's usually at the most unexpected moment.

I do remember the lies and powerless feelings all too well. Those incidents and lies have changed me forever. I'm sure that police, deputies, paramedics, firefighters, corrections officers, military, and other first responders can relate.

So, while you are watching that series about corrupt cops in Baltimore, or reading posts about corrupt cops or supposed police brutality around the Country remember this... we served honorably, with integrity and we have had to lie many times during our careers to try to convince a dying person to stay a few minutes longer.

When you think to yourself that a Cop is uncaring, or in your opinion could be more empathetic, I have great news for you. Virtually every law enforcement agency across the US is hiring and you can show us all how you think it should be done. And when you are done, please let me know how the trauma and violence affected you.

As a Cop I've lied many times... And You're Welcome.